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Inferno bugs:

1. At A bombsite, if you stand on the box at this location, and then crouch jump, you can fully see library door through the gap in the roof, giving an unfair advantage as you will be able to see enemy players coming towards site:

2. In apartments, stand on the sofa facing towards the door, and crouch jump while looking at the ceiling and you can see outside of the roof:

3. Same as above when standing on the fridge looking up at the ceiling towards 2nd mid:

4. If you stand on balcony in apps and and look towards the edge you can see through the ceiling when crouch jumping as shown in the picture:

5. In bedroom you can stand on the bed facing the door and see through the ceiling also when jumping:

6. Bombsite A, when stood in the following position on the bomb site, you can see through the ceiling if you crouch jump:

7. At bombsite A, it's possible to jump onto the plant pot window shown in the screenshot:

8. Missing texture along top of door when jumping up in front of the following doors inside apartments:
First door along hallway heading towards balcony:

Door at top of stairs near boiler:

Door in bedroom when standing on bed:
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