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Originally Posted by Nana-chan View Post
We really need more details on what detail settings and screen resolution you use in order to run TS2012. Which route and where do you get the dreaded 14fps? e.g. WCML-N at Motherwell. My suggestion to get immediate fps improvements is to turn the shadows down to "low".

My best guess is that your graphics card is limiting your performance. My laptop has 4GB RAM and usage is around 75% with TS2012. My graphics is slightly faster than your GT525M, being a 540M. I run at 1366x768 and get around 20-25fps in rural WCML-N and 15fps at Motherwell on high textures, but low shaders and shadows and FXAA. Hard Drive should only become a factor in loading times and when the game loads the next tile but even people with SSDs seem to get the fps dip.
Hi! The route I have the most trouble with is the NEC Corridor when running the GG1. I figure that if I can get this running properly, then everything else should run okay.

With TSX-On and a screen resolution of 1280/960, Windows mode,and Anti Aliasing at None, and with the Graphic Detail on Custom with Shadow Quality, Low Detail Shadows, Procedural Flora, Adaptive Bloom and Depth of Field - Off,and all other settings on High Detail (Not Highest Detail) the Game Clock runs at 40 sec in 60. Turbo Boost is not being accessed or is shutting off. The sim is marginally playable at 14 fps. My knowledge of Nvidia settings is minimal so have not tried to do anything with it.

Any advice as to what I should try next? Also, I will be talking to a Dell tech tomorrow to see if they can suggest something.

Thanks to all who have replied. Cheers; Chuck F
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