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Wow a lot of Texture Mods, He He. No seriouslly some of them are not adding textures thet are just changing how things look, Better Whiterun and Riften by the size of the file for download should not be adding any textures. They are just adding more stuff with the CK so really they should be working? So try those areas with the Mods turned off, have a good look around and then turn them back on, if a basic .ESP mod is not working Ummm Not Sure?

Now to what basically happens when you first install Skyrim, there is no texture folder in your Data Folder because all the game Meshes and Textures are in those Skyrim BSA Archives. So some texture mods just add their work by creating the Texture Folder with the correct file structure inside it to make the game use their new textures and not the Vanilla.

This basically works because the Skyrim INI has the Vanilla BSA Archives listed and so it loads the other "loose files" in the 'Texture Folder' instead of the Vanilla ones. It is a little bit more in depth than that (I think) but that is close enough. BUT with the Beth HiRes Packs they are not listed in the Archive BSA information in your .INI and that does stop some other textures from working. That is true I have seen it happen with some of my own texture changes and when browsing on the subject I found an odd "two belly buttons" reference which I followed to a Mod here at the Workshop. CBBE Curvy is a simple body re-tex (not nude which I would not use BTW) but if you read its description it confirms that the HiRes BSA's can stop other textures working and it gives a very clear way to work around it.

Look at that and try what it suggests about adding the Beth HisRes BSA to the .INI list, it may bring some of those 'loose' ones back into your game. Then we can try other ideas O/K.

BTW: I have gone one step beyond that 'work around' I have unpacked the Beth HiRes BSA's and just added the ones I really want to use into the 'loose' texture folder, plus a mix of other texture mods I like. BSA's are a good way to 'pack' a lot of data but are not actually any quicker for the game to use that data inside them. In fact it is slightly smoother for the game to use the loose file system, (not just my opinion BTW) the BSA method works sort of like a Zip file does.

PS: Damn I reckon thats one of my biggest post's? Good Luck, BW

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