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Originally Posted by tarbtano View Post
Since I find 90% of the time the Scout during a double jump will jump TOWARDS me; I take advantage of the moment and go for a headshot. But body shotting a scout is defiantly not below me.
If he gets to close, I'll try to pop a unscoped shot before swapping to my secondary

If Jarate
-throw it while ducking around the corner, the scout usually will get hit as he comes after you

-backpedal and strafe to avoid a lethal shotgun blast and weed down his health.

And if the scout has not died to retreated by then, I use a modified circle/corner stab technique for the spy and use my melee. Since I played demoknight for fun alot, I'm good with melee

95% of the time, they die
You must play against really bad scouts
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