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Co-Op experience headaches

Hello, I did a little searching around on these forums and found a couple issues that seemed fairly similar to what I experienced but not quite the same and thought I'd check and see if maybe anyone has experienced this problem and had a solution/advice.

I just picked up Dead Island so I could play the campaign with my friend, we both made "From scratch" characters. The first problem we had was that the host was the only one receiving quest xp. We confirmed this by checking our character screens so we could see our xp, then turning in quests, rechecking our character screens, and consistently the guest was not receiving the quest reward even though both players were receiving the item rewards attached to the quests. We deleted and remade our characters a couple of times and looked on this forum where someone (sorry I can't find the person who deserves this credit, I found the post last night and just can't find that exact post again) suggested that the guest be the one to turn in the quests. This resulted in the quest xp being given to both players. Seemed like problem solved and we could enjoy the game at last!

However, and thank you for sticking with me so far, on to the REAL game breaking problem. After we both hit level 3ish we would be running around doing quests and killing zombies when all of a sudden he levels up to 17! Out of nowhere! So we do our research and can't find any helpful info so we say "Oh well, what's one more restart?" So we make 2 new "from scratch" characters, everything is working fine till we hit that level 3ish zone when again he levels to 22 this time!

This obviously causes a MAJOR level disparity between us that really breaks the experience for us.

If any of you have some suggestions or can just validate that we aren't the only ones having this issue that would be awesome, we really don't want to play through the first 30 minutes of the game a 6th time.

Thanks guys! Sorry for the novel!
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