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I really hope they fly somebody - even heaton or spawn or walle or cArn, somebody - from 1.6 to come and play and give them "our" opinion on the game. They have the CSS guys their shot, and as much as i love volcano he's not quite up to snuff with any of the players i listed, let alone the players who just gave their opinions in OP's post.

The biggest joke, in my opinion, is how absolutely anti-1.6 this forum is when everybody, and i mean everybody, in both communities agree that 1.6 is the better game. Seriously, go read netcode forums they say that they want more 1.6 aspects in their game and admit that 1.6 is clearly better than source.

I want valve to really, really, really try to have these guys come out and take their feedback in and make changes effectively. Lurppis, cArn, starix, markeloff etc all have stated they wouldn't mind to see a new game come up and make them switch over but they feel that right now CSGO isn't it, and frankly i agree with them. The game as it is now is not ready in the slightest but it's been getting better every update - i just hope they live up to their promise and listen to both communities before releasing the game.

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