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I tried to get involved in New York, Valve wasn't really interested in my opinion as far as I could tell, just said to post stuff on our pro player feedback forum. Fair enough. I get home, lots of stuff gets posted there but no one ever replies from Valve, no changes get made.

First of January I created a thread called "CS:GO - losing hope?" and asked if we should keep giving feedback in hopes of something being improved over time or if we should just give up, seeing as they don't seem to care about our opinions nor even bother to comment on them. It's been two months, no answers other than from fellow players who shared the same concern.

As far as I can tell they only want to listen to the people who they know will agree with their changes (e.g. former CGS players who prefer CS:S over 1.6 these days[and in some cases aren't even anywhere near up to date on competitive 1.6]; Volcano, Ksharp) rather than face the reality of the game not being any good right now.

It will be interesting to see what will happen if CS:GO does take over CS 1.6 in IEM (as I assume it will) because from talking to other top players, hardly anyone (well, GeT_RiGhT does) seems interested in trying the game.

Why? Because it's not fun. It's a terrible game right now, and it's not by any means fun. Those opinions from kuben, neo, starix and me aren't just hand picked, that's what every top player thinks as far as I can tell.

In fact, Saturday night starix asked me if I would play CS:GO if it came with a $1,000,000 tournament like DotA 2's The International, and I said I probably would because it would simply make sense from the monetarial point of view.

However, when we asked about it in New York, Valve said they won't be hosting one of those for CS:GO.

Why? Why would they, when they can "force" events to switch to CS:GO from CS:S/CS 1.6, whereas DotA 2 couldn't stand a chance against HoN and especially LoL without the $1,000,000.

One of those $1,000,000 tournies would actually be the only way Valve would stand a chance at getting some of the big names to switch over. I don't know about you, but if the people I've gotten used to playing against and watching (Na`Vi, ESC, SK etc) wouldn't play CS:GO, there is no way I would watch it.

I know a lot of people who no longer play CS, but still watch it. I would bet money CS:GO wouldn't even get to 1/3rd of the 70k viewers CS 1.6 got this IEM in its first season.

Just my two cents,
Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen

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