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Originally Posted by renshredder View Post
Haven't read the last few pages, no time now, I will when I get home again. Just an important info:

I wrote to Clockstone Studios (Avencast & Greed - Black Border) yesterday asking about their bundle, here's their response:

Hallo [XXX],

we indeed do not know about this bundle. That doesn't mean the bundle is illegal though. If they distribute legal Steam keys with it these may come from our publisher Meridian4.

Thank you for your hint, we will pursue this further.

Greetings from Innsbruck,


I will write to Meridian 4 when I come home, but I urge everyone not to buy the bundle until we definitely know it's legit!
Many of the IFK games are published by Meridian4.

Still Life 2:
Greed Black Border:
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem:

Don't forget that the Groupees bundle also had a few Meridian4 games: Nikopol and PAM.

It looks like the bundle organizer made a deal with the publisher for those four games.
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