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Originally Posted by Motanium View Post
If you are a mapper, message me. If I like your stuff, you might get lucky
Now now, Motanium. You're not the gatekeeper.

We're steadily expanding the beta and are soliciting a variety of users. We started with a small set of existing Hammer mappers, are in the process of adding more, and will eventually expand to include non-Hammer users that we believe will be diligent in providing feedback and bug reports. This is as good a place as any to apply, I guess, so if you're interested just drop your name here and we'll periodically take some of your names to add to the queue. If you've published some good Portal 2 maps, feel free to link them here. Fair warning: beta key handouts are at our discretion and this isn't a formal first-come-first-serve queue, just a place to put your name in the hopper.
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