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Originally Posted by zaihtaM2 View Post
I will try this tomorrow as soon as I have a friend available. I refuse to believe that the 1st bullet doesn't go straight, because it's been doing that for me and every other CS 1.6 players for a lot of years, atleast when it comes to hitting models.

Originally Posted by zaihtaM2 View Post
when the server is gonna show where the bullets land (cl_lw 0), the server shows wrong because it doesn't see what the client (cl_lw 1)predicts? That sounds pretty strange..
cl_lw 0 does not make the server show where the bullets land. That may be what it's supposed to do, but it doesn't. What it apparently actually does is just stop the client from running any of the spread/recoil code. If you ignore the decals (client-side entity) and put a server-side entity there such as a func_breakable or a player's head, you'll see that the bullets have spread.
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