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Originally Posted by zaihtaM2 View Post
Uhm, I kinda get the feeling that you don't even understand how the 1.6-engine works (not stating that I know it better, but these two quotes made it feel like you're not 100% sure on your sake).

As you could see in the movie, I hit the HS every single time. Why is that? If it's what it's supposed to do, I doubt that it's broken actually.
Well, again: the server ALWAYS determines where the hit is going. cl_lw 0 or 1, doesnt matter, the server ALWAYS determines it. cl_lw is just for the visual feedback.

cl_lw 1 DOESNT make the client tell where the hits are going. IT IS JUST FOR THE VISUAL FEEDBACK YOU GET.

Originally Posted by ido View Post
cl_lw 1 decals accurately portray the hits that happen on the server
SO FREAKING WRONG. cl_lw 0 shows you what is happening on the server. THATS WHY U GET A FREAKING HIGH PING.


cl_lw 0: client asks server > server responds > client shows what server resonded.
cl_lw 1: client shows what he thinks is happening. SERVER STILL DETERMINES THE ACTUAL HITS.

FFS...i honestly think IDO wanna troll us or something....cant be serious...

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