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The following screenshots were taken with cl_lw 1 (default). Each screenshot shows the result of firing 5 shots with the AK47 and with a relatively long pause between each.
In example image 1 and 2, you'll notice that the client-predicted bullet hole decals on the wall behind the target match up with the server-determined func_breakables that have been destroyed. In example image 3, you'll notice the same thing except for one shot where the bullet hole decal was predicted incorrectly and appears above-right of the actual hit location.

I'm fairly confident that this proves:
  1. Using "cl_lw 0" does not provide a reliable indication of where bullets actually hit.
  2. Using "cl_lw 1" provides a very accurate indication of where bullets hit and only occasionally gets it wrong.
  3. Single fire (aka first shot) accuracy is NOT 100% perfect.

I am concerned that people who come to this thread will only read the OP and get a one-sided, and perhaps factually incorrect perspective of this issue. I suggest that the OP edits his post to include quotes or links to ido's posts within this thread (Post 1, Post 2).
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