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Dear Steam,
How are you? I am quiet fine. Today I was 10 hours at the university. My first lecture was 4 hours auf management systems, later 2 hours of dynamical systems on surfaces and afterwards again 4 hours of management systems. Management systems was fun, but dynamical systems on surfaces was not so fun. The Prof. had obviously no idea what he was talking about and wrote a wrong equation on the board. I was confused and after discussing it with Shima we got it right. I like Shima. Do you also like someone, Steam?
Now I'm at home and want to relax a bit with a nice video game. But I can't, because you seem to be in a bad mood. Why do you never talk about what is hurting you? This hurts me aswell. I would like to help you :'(
Maybe that origin guy is bothering you again?
Please talk with me!

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