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Sorry about this, but we have a fix ready and uploaded, just can't push it public yet until it is tested in more detail on Mac,because we don't want to break Mac version even further than it is. (windows and mac builds have to be in sync for networking to work.) Having that in mind, and the fact that releasing updates on Fridays is never a good idea, earliest day would be Monday.

However... Whoever wants this fix now, you can get the beta version this way:
- quit Steam
- start Steam with the following command line option:

steam.exe -beta SS3Beta

It will dl the awaited update. Note that this makes it incompatible with servers that are not updated, but I hope it is at least a temporary relief till Monday.

Apologies for this taking so long, but those weird Mac issues caught us off guard and we are now spending significant time trying to debug that., so the mousewheel bug got dragged out now. Mousewheel operations were nit on our list of functionality tests so it sneaked through.
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