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Hidden data in this beta reveals the upcoming existence of Steam Wallet Vouchers. It also has some hints on "Big Picture Mode".
(To see for yourself, look in the resource files, such as "public/steamui_english.txt" and "public/url_list.txt")

There will be a link to "Redeem a Steam Wallet Voucher..." in the "Games" menu between "Activate a product" and "Manage gifts". It will link to "%store%/account/redeemwalletcode/"(, but that currently redirects to the homepage.

There will be a "Big Pucture Mode" button near the Detail/List/Grid icons. The icon for the button will be arrows pointing to the 4 corners, like a standard "enlarge" icon. The "Fullscreen" command the button calls doesn't do anything yet, and the button isn't visible.
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