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I noticed that anytime I go back to any level and get a lower grade than I did initially (for example, getting an SS on Downhill first, and then an AS afterwards) the grade will be overwritten by whatever I got last time and my name won't show up on the leaderboards. Er, is this supposed to happen? I'm pretty sure that the original version lets you keep SS ranks permanently (I just tested this with the original .exe) and I feel very discouraged trying to reattempt some of the harder levels because I don't want to see my SS rank go away.

Also - this probably isn't a helpful complaint, but the game would momentarily pause at complete random, and it would often screw up my run. Once, it froze for about 10 or so seconds before resuming, and I thought the game crashed or something. I wouldn't have the slightest idea what could be causing it, but I'm just throwing it out there in case you guys might know the reason.

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