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Alexander Bell

Paint, Lasers, Bridges, and Portals.
The start of the puzzle with the two flip panels is a nice touch, however you have to make sure a player can get back up should they miss the faithplate, beeing forced to restart the map via console commands or otherwise is not a good way to play a map. In the room with the gel and lasers, you dont really need any of it, since you can portal past it by placing a portal in the ceiling at the far end of the coridor where you're ment to jump. Using the gel on the lightbridge was a nice touch however the timed event with the lightbridges are not very forgiving (add a second or so) and getting the gel dropped on you constantly well some might like to be covered in gel other hate that idea, make room for the player to walk around the gel when ever possible.


Quite a brilliant map really gets your mind working. Although at first i had that "What the hell, is this even possible!?" thing going for me. Realy a well designed puzzle that despite being so simple is so challening.
Take this puzzle into hammer and work on the visuals it really deserves to be pimped out!

Stagger Lee

Carry That Weight (a Long Time)
Quite a fun map and you get to use just one cube throughout the map however the section with the lasers are really strange and found no real use for the small bottons aside the flipped the wall, something i had no use for, once i had lined up the lasers. The last part of the map with the lightbridges and tractorbeams was quite fun and do force you to think not only with portals but also the other tools you have at hand, for cube transportation.
Visually the laser room could do with alot less of those flip panels, that part of the map, really drags down the rest, sadly. Howeer it still a good map well worth the time to try.
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