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Yes, you are highly encouraged to play the maps before voting. The video was more just to visually show the maps that made it through, not necessarily gameplay.

And yes, the 11 maps shown here were voted on by popular vote. There was originally 27 entries, but this was too much for the judges to review, so it was decided to have a prelim vote. It wasn't the best decision, but for the time period alloted for the contest, it was needed. Future contests will be more clear.

@ics: You were very very close at making the cut, I'm sorry you didn't make it through. You had a pretty decent map, but remember that the contest wasn't judged on how much time someone put into their map, it was about who had the more solid map gameplay wise, who's was more fun, etc. You have a lot of potential, but this time you were just under the cut. (EDIT: you should read some of your feedback, I know that there were people with feedback that would help make the map better).

EDIT: No this isn't a valve official contest (I wish), but with time, we could see one of these maps in the official rotation. Seeing any map from this contest make the official rotation would make me a happy admin.

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