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To anyone who's interested in the games' soundtracks: Once you've bought and installed Ys: The Oath in Felghana and/or Ys Origin from Steam, you can find the games' soundtracks in .OGG format from the following locations:

Ys: The Oath in Felghana:
c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ys the oath in felghana\release\music\ (Default)

Ys Origin:
c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ys origin\release\music\ (Default)

NOTE: These .OGG files are used by the games, so do not mess with them directly. Copy-paste them elsewhere before renaming the files, etc.


Track list for Ys: The Oath in Felghana:

Y3BG01.ogg = Dancing on the Road
Y3BG02.ogg = Premonition (Styx)
Y3BG03.ogg = Trading Town of Redmont
Y3BG04.ogg = Quiet Time
Y3BG05.ogg = Welcome!!
Y3BG06.ogg = Prelude to Adventure
Y3BG07.ogg = The Boy Who Had Wings
Y3BG08.ogg = Be Careful
Y3BG09.ogg = Beasts as Black as Night
Y3BG10.ogg = Illburns Ruins
Y3BG11.ogg = A Searing Struggle
Y3BG12.ogg = Snare of Darkness
Y3BG13.ogg = Shock of the Grim Reaper
Y3BG14.ogg = Once Upon a Dream
Y3BG15.ogg = Steeling the Will to Fight
Y3BG16.ogg = Tearful Twilight
Y3BG17.ogg = Valestein Castle
Y3BG18.ogg = Prayer for Kindness
Y3BG19.ogg = Shining Key
Y3BG20.ogg = Frozen in Time
Y3BG21.ogg = Pulsing Toward Ruin
Y3BG22a.ogg = Tower of Fate
Y3BG23.ogg = Behold!!
Y3BG24.ogg = The Strongest Foe
Y3BG25.ogg = Morning of Departure
Y3BG26.ogg = Wanderers from Ys
Y3BG27.ogg = Dear My Brother
Y3BG28.ogg = Beloved Elena
Y3BG29.ogg = Introduction!!
Y3BG30.ogg = The Theme of Chester
Y3BG31.ogg = Chop!!
Y3BG32.ogg = Believe in my Heart
Y3BG33.ogg = The Oath in Felghana - Premonition (Styx)
Y3BG34.ogg = Farewell (Dear My Brother)

Track list for Ys Origin:

YSO_001.ogg = The Guidance of a White Tower
YSO_002.ogg = Bonds with Companion
YSO_003.ogg = Beyond the Beginning
YSO_004.ogg = Tower of the Shadow of Death
YSO_005.ogg = Water Prison
YSO_006.ogg = Scarlet Tempest
YSO_007.ogg = Silent Desert
YSO_008.ogg = Samsara and Paramnesia
YSO_009.ogg = Prelude to the Omen
YSO_010.ogg = The Last Moment of the Dark
YSO_011.ogg = Tension
YSO_012.ogg = Dreaming
YSO_013.ogg = Devil's Wind
YSO_014.ogg = Scars of the Divine Wing
YSO_015.ogg = Oboro
YSO_016.ogg = My Lord, Our Brave
YSO_017.ogg = Over Drive
YSO_018.ogg = Termination
YSO_019.ogg = Prologue (with French Narration)
YSO_020.ogg = Falcom Logo + Intro
YSO_021.ogg = Roda
YSO_022.ogg = The Root of Darkness
YSO_023.ogg = Confrontation
YSO_024.ogg = The Pain of Separation
YSO_025.ogg = Memory of Solomon
YSO_026.ogg = Feena
YSO_027.ogg = Feena (Played by Yunica - Failed Attempt)
YSO_028.ogg = Feena (Played by Yunica - Successful Attempt)
YSO_029.ogg = Feena (Whistled by a Roo)
YSO_030.ogg = Fair Skies
YSO_031.ogg = Determination
YSO_032.ogg = Genesis Beyond the Beginning -Opening Version-
YSO_033.ogg = To the Next Generation
YSO_034.ogg = A New Legendary Opening
YSO_035.ogg = Believing
YSO_036.ogg = So Much for Today
YSO_037.ogg = Magnificence
YSO_038.ogg = Movement of Wicked Energy
YSO_039.ogg = Disappearance of Threat
YSO_040.ogg = Genesis Beyond the Beginning -Opening Version-
(same track as YSO_032, but with loop data)
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