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There is a solution for that and is posted a few time in this

forum for a member, i cant remember the name of him.

I translate what he did, i follow his step and work perfectly

1) copy all your exe from ur steam folder of the game to another location in ur HD

\program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\saints row the third

*saintsrowthethird (a)
*saintsrowthethird_dx11 (b)

2) Copy again the desired exe u wanna play de game, a or b

to your steam folder of the game

\program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\saints row the third

3) Rename the exe of step 2) to "game_launcher" without the

quotes and that is, the game enter directly with the choosen

api and u never see again the launcher.

For safe put the new exe modify to "windows xp sp3 compatibility"

and "only read"

Bye all, good luck and sorry for my bad english
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