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This is Josh from Plague Fest. I would like to answer a few questions just to clear some confusion up.

A few things I would like to mention before I answer a few questions.
  1. We've been working with the beta version of CS:GO, the current version of Zombie Mod(ZM) has some bugs but we're working to get rid of them as soon as we find them.
  2. We have a server online right now. You can find it on our website if you wish to test our current build.
  3. Zombie Escape(ZE) will be online soon. We're going to have that running as soon as we've perfected Zombie Mod.
  4. Servers will be 64 slot at launch. We will put servers online as needed.

Originally Posted by silezn View Post
So will it be released next week or just in some month? sorry i'm a bit confused lol.
We're working to release this with launch. We currently have a server online which is currently limited to a maximum of 25 people because of an update. The server will be 64 slot by the 21st.
Originally Posted by Lemonosity View Post
Yeah but will there be actual mods? As in plop them in Sourcemods and restart Steam? If no, I don't care.
This is from Sourcemod. Sourcemod has been working for quite some time and we've built a custom version of Zombie Reloaded for CS:GO.
Originally Posted by littledub0918 View Post
Would be nice to become an official mode, and not just a mod.
I'd like to see it over on console!
We would also love for it to be official however we weren't able to do that.
Originally Posted by SgtStrafe View Post
Will these be available for the console versions of the game as well ? Or at least ps3?
Unfortunetely, we're only going to be on PC. If we were able to host servers remotely on PS3 and 360 with Sourcemod, we would then host them.
Originally Posted by Omega_K2 View Post
I'd like to see more info.

Is that Zombie Mod (infection) or Zombie Horde (set teams, usually bot slaughtering)?

Does it have the configuration possiblities of the SM plugin Zombie: Reloaded?
This is a custom version of Zombie Reloaded. You're going to be killing humans who normally are smarter than a bot.
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