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Here's info on Counter-Strike Online.

Counter-Strike Online is there because the game client uses Steam content servers to download the game (thanks Agret for this info).

It's a waste of time to try to play it from Steam because:
- The game is entirely in Korean, there's no official localization on Steam.
- The game cannot be launched from Steam at all because it's "unavailable" on Steam. This can be changed, but it's not recommended to change this.
- You need to extract files manually.
- If you make the game available, you would have to make symbolic links, because Steam has incorrect launch path of the game.
- The updater will update the game at 1 KB/s.

Here's how to get the game files directly from Steam:
1) In the settings, on Downloads + Cloud tab, set Download region to South Korea.
2) Restart Steam.
3) Go to steam://install/11600.
4) Wait until the game is downloaded. The game will not be displayed in the downloads list and in the library, you will have to wait for "Steam has finished downloading" message. The only ways to see how much of the game has been downloaded is either by looking at the overall progress bar in the bottom of the Steam window, and by checking size of SteamApps\common\valvetestapp11600 folder (when the game is fully downloaded, the size should be 1803790485 bytes = 1.68 GB).
5) Get an archiver capable of extracting BZip2 files (such as 7-Zip).
6) Go to SteamApps\common\valvetestapp11600\cso12053101 folder.
7) Extract all files with .comp extension to the same folder.

To launch the game, use SteamApps \ common \ valvetestapp11600 \ cso12053101 \ csolauncher.exe.

As I said, this is just a waste of time. Better get the game from the official site.

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