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Originally Posted by Steg View Post
but i already have half life source
Black Mesa isn't Half-Life: Source.

Originally Posted by Mad Max RW View Post
This reminds me of the recent interview at RPS talking about cutting corners.
It is precisely to avoid cutting corners on this that the decision was made to split the game here. The assets for Xen are so fundamentally different from the ones in the earthbound sections of the game, we would have had issues with consistency and focus whilst finishing up the non alien stuff.

Originally Posted by Derivative View Post
So wait, 8-10 hours? Sounds short. But then again I don't remember how long it took me to play Half-life or Half-life 2. I'll just play it slow.
It took me 14hrs in my last playthrough for testing the final version. I've played Black Mesa for maybe 500 - 600 hours, and worked on pretty much every map in the game, as such I wasn't hanging around that much. So 8 - 10 is fairly conservative, but a fair estimate of the average gamer.

Originally Posted by MADDOGGE View Post
I just worry about graphical consistency between the two parts. Granted Xen not being on Earth does give them a bit of fudge factor in that both environments are totally different looking.
Graphical consistency is something we always aim for, hence the wait.

Originally Posted by Leushenko View Post
I saw this news and pretty much took it as confirmation that the mod is about to be abandoned unfinished.
No-one is planning to abandon the project, I didn't stick around working on this for 6 years to abandon it now. This isn't a release of an unfinished buggy game full of holes.
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