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Hey guys,

We sincerely apologize for the issue that some of you are having with installing Call of Duty Black Ops II on your PC because of you received a copy of Mass Effect 2 instead of Disk 2 of Call of Duty Black Ops II. Rest assured that are teams are investigating trying to find out what cause this to happen.

We do need some of your help in order to find out what's going on. If purchased Call of Duty Black Ops II and you did receive a copy of Mass Effect 2 with your physical copy of the game, let us know where you purchased the game from. When you purchased the game and if you can provide a city and state to where you purchased the game from. This will help us go a long way to find out what's going on.

We know that you want to play the game as soon as possible and luckily you can. I know most users on the Steam forums have a Steam account but for those people who find this through Google or Bing, here are the instruction on how to add a game to your Steam Library. Make sure that you have a current Steam account or create a steam account.

Please follow these instructions to activate a new retail purchase on Steam:

Launch Steam and log into your Steam account.
Click the Games Menu.
Choose Activate a Product on Steam...
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Once again, we sincerly apologize for the issue but we are investigating it to the fullest extent. If we get any new updates, we'll make sure to post it here and also on our support site at We thank you for understanding and if you need further help regarding this issue, feel free to update this thread. ^MM

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