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Originally Posted by thedarkcloak View Post
What DID you do to get it to work finally? I've been trying since yesterday.
Originally Posted by thedarkcloak View Post
Can anybody help me out?

Another update: Used a Driver Sweeper to eliminate ATI from my system completely, then reinstalled the video drivers. Sadly, they don't seem to allow downloads of the driver by itself and not bundled with Catalyst Control Center anymore - circumvented this by doing a custom installation and avoiding CCC.

I had to install the video drivers at the very least, Radeon Pro on it's own was not allowing me to set the desktop resolution to 1920x1080.

So when I start up the game, I get the skewed resolution where everything looks zoomed in and distorted vertically still. CCC is not installed, all I have is the drivers installed.

I have an i7 3.4Ghz 2500k, 16gb Ram, dual Radeon HD 68XX 1Gb series cards (at least that's what the machine detects it at, and the drivers, but I'm fairly sure they are 6750) on Crossfire and plenty of hard drive space.

Really would like to be able to run this mod so I can play Doom 3 like this!

I don't know for sure if I have missed anything in this thread that would rectify this. If I have, my apologies!

Phew are you lucky that I saw you actually asked me something, I was clearing my Bookmarks that brought me back to this thread. You should PM the person you want to contact the next time, that way one at least get an e-mail.

I hope you are ready for this, as it's not a quick solution, buckle up, here we go:
  1. First we need to get the utilities you will need sorted out. Download RadeonPro
  2. Download the latest driver from AMD's website
  3. Now, uninstall your Catalyst Control Center via the Control Panel's Add/Remove Program. Make sure you select the option to uninstall everything, that is drivers and everything.
  4. Now, re-install with the driver you just downloaded from AMD's website, make sure you select "Custom installation" so you can only install the driver, this is very important, only the driver.
  5. Now, proceed to install RadeonPro. Just follow the prompts they are simple to understand.
  6. When RadeonPro is open, make a new profile, you can do that by clicking on the little + sign near the top right, browse to your Doom 3's .exe
  7. Now that you have come this far, you can enter the settings I have provided for you in screenshots below, make sure you only edit the tabs I did and change them from default values to my values. (You can play around with the values to better suit your system)

Screenshot 1/4
Screenshot 2/4
Screenshot 3/4
Screenshot 4/4

Right, now after you have changed your values, you will need to do one last thing; left click on your Doom 3 profile within RadeonPro so that the profile is highlighted in blue. Proceed to right click and scroll down to "Open Location" now hold your "Shift" key and left click, this will open the profile which RadeonPro has created, there is one line you need to change, don't worry. I have uploaded a screenshot to show you how the value should look like.


Note that, if it opens in Internet Explorer you can not edit the file, or at least I couldn't. So then you should browse to:


Where "Legacy" will be your "Username" I use Windows 7, I really can't remember where Windows puts in on XP machines, you can just run a search for it, get the name of the document from within Internet Explorer, mine is named "_steamapps_common_doom 3_doom3.exe.xml"

After that, open it with Notepad and change the value I have highlighted for you in the screenshot.

Please, also note the following, every time you change a value in the profile for Doom 3, something like AA, it will reactivate Catalyst A.I in the RadeonPro Doom 3 Profile and you will have to change the value again in the file from 1 to 0. So yeah, to remove annoyances make sure you have those down then edit the file, or you can just do it every time you change a setting, it's up to you really.

Right, so what this fixes are the following:
  • HDR Lighting no longer makes your whole screen completely white when it is activated
  • Things should no longer look like you are in a round fishbowl
  • No zoomed in view
  • No Mirrors on Steam pipes or other heat sources
  • Bloom Works Correctly
  • POM Works Correctly


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