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Red face

Guys you have to remember that the game uses Uplay to launch and deal with the multiplayer. This means you have to add anyone who you want ot play with as a uplay friend anyway - really there's not much difference.

Ubi-store is a bit of a pain though... I've bought farcry 3 twice accidentally and they don't offer refunds on digital products. Hopefully they will cancel it before midnight today, else I will have some dud account with an unused copy of farcry 3 sitting there doing nothing. meh.

At least i have 2x10 off vouchers.

The key won't activate on steam, but neither would the cd-key from the shops. I'd like the preorder maps and not to have to buy them as dlc in the future, so...

Incidentally, the deluxe edition is the same price as the lost expeditions one. It's hidden in their store, so you have to look for it.

35 quid is a bit steep for a game, though - I hate paying over 30 for games - not paid 50 for a game since Doom II.
This is why it sucks so much that ubisoft have allowed me to accidentally purchase one for my proper uplay account and one for a dud one that I accidentally set up as part of their payment process - INSIDE THE UPLAY BROWSER THAT'S LOGGED INTO MY PROPER ACCOUNT!!! D:

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