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Question How to Block Pinion Ads/Skip Motd Waiting Time

I was under the impression that the majority of players knew about the Tf2adblock, but based on the few times I post it, I seem to be wrong.

Well since Pinion has basically gotten around this there is only 1 real way of blocking Pinion, and thats directly with your hosts file.

In Windows, edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (it’s just a text file so you can use Notepad but make sure you run Notepad as Administrator otherwise you won’t be able to save the file)

On a Mac you can edit /etc/hosts adding the same entry above.

This is completely harmless as all it says is that if your PC tries to connect to that the IP is which is your PC’s local address. So instead of loading ad HTML the connection will just fail.

Video Tutorial/Example

Anyways, if youd like to go to any server without the fear of "Pinion ads" or "You may close the motd in x seconds", then get the file below


Its just a .cfg file that protects against server side exploits, fairly simple actually.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post/pm me but make sure you follow the Readme file which is basically:

1: Paste the Protect.cfg file into your Steam/steamapps/username/teamfortress/tf/cfg folder.
2:In that same folder, there should be a file called "autoexec.cfg". Open it with notepad and type "exec protect.cfg" into it and save it.

Here are the contents of protect.cfg
// TF2 Anti-Virus by Casual v1.0

// Protection against server_can_execute bypass
// Make your cfg/config.cfg read-only for extra protection
cl_allowupload 0
alias cl_allowupload "echo Blocked cl_allowupload!"
alias clear "echo Blocked clear!"
alias unbindall "echo Blocked unbindall!"

// Adblock for motd, extra protection:
// > Create an empty file in your tf directory named textwindow_temp.html and make it read-only (this prevents the motd from being saved & loaded)
// > Add '' to your hosts file. This prevents a well known motd advertising network to load
cl_disablehtmlmotd 1
alias closed_htmlpage "echo Blocked pinion!"

// Gets rid of servers playing annoying sound files
alias play "echo Blocked play!"
alias sndplaydelay "echo Blocked sndplaydelay!"
alias playgamesound "echo Blocked playgamesound!"
alias soundfade "echo Blocked soundfade!"

// Servers don't need this
alias cl_spec_mode
alias rpt_connect
alias r_screenoverlay

It would be nice if you guys 5starred/bumped this thread so that it will stay alive for a bit and more people will find out...

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