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Just wanted to share with you guys some interesting email responses I got regarding MINERVA's canonicity.

I sent this email to Marc Laidlaw:
Hello Mr. Laidlaw,

I just recently finished the mod MINERVA: Metastatis, and I thought it was fantastic. I just had a question for you about canon; Valve has never really specified a true 'canon' policy in the past, and, as I understand it, Adam Foster now works for Valve, so would you consider MINERVA to be canon to the Half-Life universe? I'm just curious.

Thank you!
Marc forwarded the message to Adam Foster:
Hey, Adam, feel free to answer this one. Make up whatever you like!
I got the following response from Adam:
MINERVA’s plot was, quite sneakily, entirely parallel to everything which happened in the Half-Life universe. It was ultimately going to end with Minerva and the player character averting some universe-destroying catastrophe by collapsing a parallel dimension – including that weird alien world glimpsed through the portal in Metastasis. Unfortunately, they’d be in said dimension at the time – deleting themselves from any possible direct influence on the events of Half-Life 2.

In other words, absolutely the only effect a canon MINERVA could have on the main Half-Life 2 plot is that Half-Life 2 would occur at all.

Is it canon? It depends. Does it matter if it’s canon? Not really!

Marc Laidlaw then sent me the following separate reply:
And when I told Adam “Make up whatever you like” that was code for “make sure you abide strictly by the Canon Bible”!

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