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Hello! Sorry for the late reply.

It's not that it costs a lot of time, it's that any time I put into Greenlight is time I'd be best spending elsewhere, doing updates, writing about games, writing new games, sorting problems out for people and stuff. There's only me handling the desktop versions and I've got a family and new things to be doing so my time is massively limited!

Unfortunately, the way Greenlight works means that you can't just leave it and it accumulates votes. If you leave it, then if you're lucky you'll hover around the same spot or it'll just sink further and further down. Point: after a short burst from the bundle, DRM has gone back down in the rankings. So it would entirely be relying on hope, y'know?

Now votes aren't everything but obviously, the further down it is in the rankings, the harder you have to push at things to get the word out, the more time you do have to invest. I appreciate everyone's support to date, I genuinely really do but Greenlight just isn't right. Asking developers who are already stretched to jump through bizarre hoops isn't right no matter how well intentioned. Asking developers to enter a popularity contest for a chance to be on the store isn't right either. That's a really not nice precedent because what if everyone else decides to set up their own Greenlights?

I pulled out from GL not because DRM wasn't close to getting on Steam but because I can't in good faith continue propping up a service I disagree with so intently and I can't continue propping up something that is so utterly dispiriting for so many of my peers as well as myself. I can see what Valve were reaching for and I appreciate that a great deal but Greenlight as is is -too- flawed a system.

So what I'm better off doing right now is going away and working on the super new improved version of DRM for a while. That's going to take me a few months because it'll be coming to the Vita also and we've got to get to grips with new hardware and things as well as rewrite and redesign the game into something much better, much bigger than it is now.

And hopefully when we're done, Valve will have a better system in place than they have now and we can pick up trying to get on Steam and obviously, if we succeed then we'll honour any bundle commitments. But until Greenlight is a better fit for developers, I'll be keeping DRM off it. For my own sanity.

So thanks for the support and hopefully we can make this work. It'll be a longer haul but worth it, I think. And apologies if this came as a shock, I thought long and hard about doing it before pulling it and I do appreciate the concerns. This is just the only sensible way I can deal with this.

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