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Starting in the beta my game crashes when changing to any other weapon than the primary. I reported this to valve. Many others also had this problem and were reporting it to the community discussion groups where Valve told us to leave feedback.

The beta finished and Valve pushed out the update. The problem persists. I haven't been able to play L4D 2 for like 2 months now. Many others are also having this problem.

I have completely reinstalled all my game data, going so far as to delete all traces of Steam and installing/downloading multiple gigabytes of data again.

Of course I have a ticket open with support, and they have just instructed me to delete my game files and reinstall. I have told them the issue has not been fixed, and still have yet to receive any additional information.

I have validated my game files multiple times without results.

I have offered to send them the crash dumps that are generated but they haven't accepted this offer. I'm unable to attach the files to the support ticket because they are too large.

What is this ? When am I going to be able to play this game again Valve?
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