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Alright, now that Steam updated my GotY edition to the new non-GfWL version, I was able to have a look.

To see whether it’s as easy as deleting a couple of bytes [which are some kind of GfWL ID string, IIRC] from the save file with a hex editor, I created a fresh save with both, the vanilla [still-GfWL] edition as well as the new Steam GotY version. For comparison: fresh GfWL save vs. fresh Steam save.
As you can see, beyond the first 198 blocks the files are quite similar – not exactly the same, but close enough.
I then took my existing GfWL save file and simply deleted the first 198 blocks, et voilą: I was able to load it and had everything like I left it [both playthroughs, normal and NG+, at 100%; and a couple of Riddler challenges beaten].

So, it is indeed quite easy.

Step-by-step to get your GfWL save working with the new Steam version:
  1. Backup your save file! Zip/RAR it, or simply copy it somewhere where you won’t touch it for the remainder of the process. [Unless something goes wrong and you have to restore it, of course.]
    Your save file will be found at the known locations: {Steam}\userdata\{account ID}\57400\remote [non-GotY] or {Steam}\userdata\{account ID}\200260\remote [GotY].
    It is named in the pattern {LIVE gamertag}-save?.sgd, where ? is a number from 0 to 3. Should it not be in the aforementioned folder(s), search for *.sgd with Windows’ search function or a similar tool.
  2. Download and install a hex editor. I found HxD to be quite accessible. I can be found at
  3. De-activate Steam Cloud synchronisation. Right-click the game in Steam’s library, choose Properties, go to the Updates tab, and un-tick the check box in the lower half.
  4. Start the GotY edition, and create a new save file. The aforementioned remote folder should now include a save?.sgd and a profile.bin file. The latter file’s existence is of importance.
  5. Delete the new save?.sgd file and rename your old save to save?.sgd.
  6. Open save?.sgd with the hex editor and delete the first 198 blocks. If unsure, refer to the screenshots I linked above to see what needs to be deleted. Simply highlight everything from 0-197 and press Del. A message along the lines of “deleting these blocks will change the file size” should obviously be affirmed.
    Addendum [thanks to Pyta!]: To make sure you delete enough and/or not too much, check that your file starts with the eight blocks 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 01 afterwards.
  7. Save the file. You’ll probably be asked to create a backup or it’ll be done automatically [usually adding a *.bak extension to the file name]. It’s not really necessary as long as you observed step #1, so it’s within your own discretion to do so or not.
  8. Start the game, and you should see your old progress, ready for continuing.

If you want to, you can re-active Steam Cloud synchronisation, but we all know how this can work out. Better backup your new save file before you do.

Disclaimer: It worked for me, but I cannot guarantee that it will for everyone! I am not responsible for any data loss that occurred during the file-editing process.

Questions? Please ask. Corrections? Don’t hesitate.

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