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i also uploaded the live-linux server i used to create the mod .
i did not before because of the so many updates that break all...
but it is still let 's share this masterpiece...

the iso is tailored for a 4 or 8 Go of ram pc and made to copy the whole file in ram , so server will never have to read from usb-hd or other hd .... that helps to have a stable servers
the file is around 1.69 Go and at mega!6EonwYjZ!nDuty4qEi0aKq6SkHXGFNg

if you have a linux swap partition , add swap at command line of boot .
if you do not want to copy in ram the server , delete toram=grml64-small.squashfs of command line of boot

i stored all the useful commands so when the server is loaded , use the arrow up key to get them .
they are in order and the first ones are for grabbing the video card ram as a swap memory [ not always working with default settings...] .

[if you do not want it , start at netcardconfig]

in the folder live of the iso , there is latest english ultraiso that is perfect for copying the iso to a usb stick , you can use a 4 Go stick formatted with fat16 and 64k clusters or fat32 or ntfs but not exfat .

you can launch the 3 server at once using screen .

read the old topic about grml4d linux server that i did in 2011 .
it uses the same things ...and have some more explanations about the swap and the screen use
i ll try to update it [grml4d]...

have a cool summer playing coop
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