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Lightbulb If you could balance the game...

What would you do to further balance the game? Are there minions you think are overpowered/underpowered? Do you think the evil geniuses should have more uniqueness to their influence circles and what they do rather than just providing large radius/small bonus to all, medium radius/medium bonus to all, etc.? (For instance, maybe Maximilian only raises Smarts and Attention, and raises them a great deal in a large radius. Maybe the female EG raises nothing but Loyalty and a bit of Attention. Maybe the Chinese EG quickly raises only Endurance and Health and can use it as a helpful aura during a fight or to wounded minions.)

I was playing around inside the files and I figured I would try balancing some of the units a bit, balancing a few items and their build costs, among other little things.

What balance changes would you make to minions/EG's/objects? Costs, stats (max HP, max loyalty, etc.), damage, etc.

Maybe if I get a lot of good balance suggestions, I can make them all and release my rebalanced files as a sort of unofficial balance patch.

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I thought you should be able to buy back lives for your henchmen using the thousands of (useless) evil points they get after they learn both their abilities. But I don't think you can put that in the game now...

One other thing, I think the laser beams should be way less noticeable then they are. It says in the description that they're supposed to be more discreet than the pressure pad but if you look in the files they are actually more conspicuous (80 vs 90 noticeability I believe).
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I would probably continue playing the game if I could do ONE. SIMPLE. THING. And that would be being able to set guards to actually... guard things. Just so annoying that every time I am attacked, all my guards including my henchmen are at the complete back of my base. All my workers/techs die while they slowly walk up. Really annoying.
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One thing I would change?

Lots and lots of bugfixes. XD

Also female minions could be interesting.
Able to design your minions outfits.
Able to say what colour scheme you want in your base. e.g. what colour the walls need to be.
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I too would like to be able to set my minions to guard certain areas without having to place a door with 4 security level.

I'd also offer training to my minions so that they would never get into a trap.
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i would like sentry guns to be less OP lol.

build an armory with lots of prison cells that goes outside, sorround area with huts and stuff to block the way, and then build a million sentry guns, tag super agents for capture, congrats, you win xD
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