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Question Is this worth installing?

So I got this turd for approx. 3 bucks in the EIDOS pack... Its 6 GB big and Im just wondering if I should just save the space or give it a go for the lulz...
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I've had some weird obsession with playing Rebellion's games lately (first Sniper Elite--a pretty great game, although the last few levels are too run-'n'-gun-y for what I was looking for in playing it; and then Judge Dredd, which really wasn't that bad: silly, stupid fun), and this holiday season brought a lot of them to my Steam account.

So I started playing Shellshock 2 just to "see," you know, "for teh lulz," &c., and now find myself playing it to the end.

But it kinda sucks. The gameplay is just...bland as hell. Often broken, obviously incomplete. I'll admit it's full of cool, b-movie, weird ideas, they're all just pulled off without any care from the developers. The atmosphere's pretty great--about half the time. The audio is absolutely eff'd up, which occasionally adds to the atmosphere. The gun-sounds are muffled, hardly audible, and instead the most incidental, ambient noise is pulsing through your ears, almost all you can flippin' hear. Boards creaking, a baby whining 2 football fields behind you, a creek running, etc. Not to mention your own walking sounds like five persons walking within the exact same space.

Play it just to see it. It's not a good game, but it almost--ALMOST--has that So Bad It's Good vibe to it.
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Old 02-04-2010, 01:41 PM   #3
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Its not a good game, not even a good story really. And its way short on game play and not worth the $29.99 Steam is selling it for. Glad I played it for way less, other wise... even bigger disappointment.
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Old 02-28-2010, 11:06 AM   #4
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its not worth $2 lol. its gotta be one of the worse games ive EVER played!
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For Europe it costs 49,99€ = $67.5
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Old 04-17-2010, 04:06 PM   #6
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A big tip to anyone who thinks about getting this game, DONT ING DO IT.
Stay as far away from this game as possible, its an out-house Uranium dump.
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I actually like this game.Though the first few levels range from meh to lame,once you FINALLY start fighting zombies,the game starts to get fun.Until then,your just fighting NVA and VC troops while occaisonally catching a glimpse of a few zombies.
The zombies or "infected" are actually kinda of cool.There a cross between the classic "Romero" zombies (some move slow) and the infected from 28 Days Later/L4D.Some walk,some jog,some run,but they also have a blood vomit attack.I kinda like them better then any other representations of zombies in games...

Though know a few things:
1.This game WILL scare you.(It scared me more than FEAR,which I found suprising un-scary,but the game's not as creepy as Call of CthulhuCOTE)
2.This game is HARD.In particular,the end of the first chapter,the start of the second one,the part where you have to hold out against the NVA in a section of the trenches,and finally the church shootout are pretty darn hard.The good news is that all of this takes place before you start fighting zombies,and after you start fighting them,the game gets a lot better.
3.Don't expect too much of the game,one of the reasons I like it so much is that it's a huge break from all the constant "OMG HALO3 MW2 BFBC!" crap and it feels good to be playing a game that actually tries to stand out.
It's not the best game,but I like it.
Just note that my definition of a game "that sucks" is rarely used,in the times I'm bored I play old DOS games 90% of which prove that gameplay isn't going forward...it's going backwards.

Anyways,people these days always treat a game that's below average or just has less than state of the art graphics like they are the worst things known to mankind.
The people who claim "OMG THIS GAME SUXOR!" probably haven't been playing games before 1998,today most gamers have no idea how bad games can actually get,and games like this one are claimed to be horrible just because it isn't mainstream.
If you call this a bad game,I suggest trying an old NES game called Action 52 by a company Active Enterprises,aka the worst game ever made.The only people who claim it isn't haven't played it.

Anyways,play Action 52 for 5 minutes,then play a game that some/many people consider "horrible" such as this game.You'll realize in a few seconds that today's society doesn't truly know what a "horrible" game is actually like.

Trust me,you'd rather play this game for the rest of your life than play Action 52 for 40 seconds.Just give the game a shot,even if it's hard,keep going like with every other game.I actually like this game.
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LOL. I bought this back when it was first released on Steam installed and play the first level and then got frustrated with the button mashing cut scenes so I uninstalled. A month or so later reinstalled it and played to the second level then uninstalled it again do to the same frustration. Now as the date of this writing Im reinstalling it one last time but this time Im using a XBox 360 Wirerless Controller and a trainer so hopefully it will be at the very least, playable!
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I found the game to be... fair.
Good for 1 playthrough IMHO. 5 hours on medium.
Bubblegum kinda game (i.e. play & forget).

Biggest gripe for me was that a full blast from a shotgun registered equally to 1 bullet hit from a rifle...
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Old 12-21-2010, 10:19 PM   #10
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There are major issues with the game... like a lack of worthwhile characters, no alternate paths to achieve objectives, completely linear story, endless shooting, enemies spawning in weird places, enemies shooting the AK-47 from distance with sniper-like aim, every weapon model aiming slightly off center, and an ending that is completely anti-climatic.

Perhaps my biggest problem with the game is that the 2 different endings are determined by the last 5 seconds of gameplay. Which means everything you did before is irrelevant.

Personally I got a headache after playing the game after about half an hour. The graphics induced a little vertigo feeling, which I used to get with really old games like Quake 2 or the old Doom.

The is the only game I have played that not only bores me mentally but makes me feel physically sick playing it.
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