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Chess Game

Why Can't you add it?

STEAM should come with a free, mutiplayer chess game when ur tired to regular gaming.
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I think Steam used to have it.

Edit: Props to AciD, here is a picture of it.

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Open an internet browser, search for multiplayer chess. Download. Play.

Or there might be some nline somewhere.

No If you really want to play games that arent your regular shoot em up etc, something more relaxing or something that makes you think differently then get some indie-ish games (low price, small developer games, the best have unusual concepts)

My four favourite are:
Defense Grid: The Awakening
World Of Goo

Yeah they do cost, but for the amount of time ive played them they are way better value than most 'must haves' that soon become dust collectors (well waste of decent HDD space)
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Check out this lovely Open Source, free and registration-LESS chess thing I found a month ago: http://chess.diem-project.org/ simply invite friends with a link thats on the page. It's so easy I love it!

True though, would be great if there were a bundle of games on Steam such as chess, checkers etc.
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