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Despite the mixed opinions about the game thus far, I'd love to try out a demo of it. It looks like something I might enjoy, but I don't want to spend $35-40 when there are very strong opinions (both ways) on the game.
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Don't worry my good man... You'll soon find a legal copy of it in your neighbor's trash bin.

Naaah... I think it'll be part of $5 weekend deals in no time, for sure. Just consider it a potential self-gift for this spring equinox. Just forget about it now, and you'll get it as a surprise around may/june : "Oh right, I almost forgot about his game" (this is so not a game).

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I agree with asmotaku.

The theme of this game is fine. But it is VERY poorly implemented. Wait for a $5 sale if you really want to get it.
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Agreed, a demo would be nice. There is probly lots of games on steam I'd buy if there was just a demo for me to try first.
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In this case there is a game that you will not buy if you try a demo. At least if the demo is honest and shows the parts where they stretch the gamelength by sending enemy after enemy that you kill easily in less time then it takes to play the standard animation during which it is still in god-mode.
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