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Please do not believe the trailers or screenies

I actually went through the proccess of opening a new Steam forum acct. after finding out that I no longer knew my login info just to say this. Do not under any circumstances believe that the screenies and trailer in any way shape or form represent this game. Its poorly cunstructed ameturish, buggy rubbish at best and downright theivery at any rate to charge $39.99 for this game. I love adventure title, well, the good ones anyways. I love Horror games. I also know that not all games can be AAA quality, but this was appalling. This was the only time I have ever asked Steam for a refund/exchange other than for a preorder once (FarCry2), and that was a long time before street date. Anyways, I just thought I'd add myself to the list of people victimized by the false advertising that was perpetrated by TGC (and by my own foolish lack of research). The reason I made another thread was that I feel wery strongly that the more threads people see warning one to research this game, the more people might actually heed the warning. This sort of garbage should not be encouraged to be sold in the future
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Paragraphs help.
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