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Lightbulb AEon's Alpha Prime Mini-FAQ - Hidden / Secret Areas

AEon's Alpha Prime Mini-FAQ — Hidden / Secret Areas

v1.0 — Edited by AEon (C) 2010

OK, since a list of Hidden / Secret areas does not seem to exist, I am writing up all those I was able to find, after playing the game twice.

Level 00 — Artemis
  • Nothing of note.

Level 01 — Basement
  • In the recreational area, a basketball court, you can throw up to 5 baskets. It does not seem to yield anything else though.
  • When you get to the first tube, needing to duck into the air ducts, be sure to take the branch to the left, into the toilets, to get that marine.
  • Once you have opened the Arms Depot using the ReCon, go the the far end of the room, and push the two stacked crates from left to the right side. This takes a while, but uncoveres a grated off air duct. Enter to grab Refinded Hubbardium + 50 Health.

Level 02 — Basement
  • After entering the room with 5 red robots, that also includes two explosive pipes and one camera on the ReCon. Enter the next room with a grated floor, keep left past the broken railing, then duck under the floor, and keep moving to the right under the floor. At the other end, on the left side remove the grate. It opens up the path into an air duct, leading into a small secret room with some pipes in the middle. Yields: 2 x Refinded Hubbardium + Ammo + Health Dispenser.
  • A passage with lighting coming out of the floor cables requires that you switch off three consoles manned by yellow robots. If you keep going down the stairs and duck you can grab a few Grenades.

Level 03 — Basement Storage
  • Nothing of note.

Level 04 — Transport
  • As you enter the airlock to the actual tramp system, keep left on the stairs, you will note two metal beams leading to the other side of the tramway where a marine shoots at you. Before you cross those beams, jump onto them, but keep left for some Rocket ammo in the corner. You can then cross the beams to the other side and grab the marine's ammo. Note you could also have used the stairs/door on the far side.
  • If you stop the tram at the railway marker F-65, and get out of the tram. Jump onto the yellow railing, then onto the tram's roof, and with some skill onto the metal beams holding the tram above the ground. This lets you get up to the door from where a sniper marine was shooting for some Sniper ammo. Alas the door is looked up here.

Level 05 — Offices
  • Nothing of note.

Level 06 — Spaceport
  • Nothing of note.

Level 07 — Living Quarters
  • On the upper floor on a the two-story arcade on the right side, you will find a room (green door) that shows you a "secret arms depot" on a monitor.
  • The door right after the green on, still on the right side, opens with a flamethrower marine exiting. Alas, I was only able to trigger this once, and I do not know how exactly. It lets you enter a previously locked room (red lights), the room is empty though.
  • On the right wall there is another door with two red lights but a green light above the door. It is locked though. No idea if and how it can be opened though.
  • After you talk to the guy on the monitor, you enter an area that seems to be the infirmary — there are three exists, left, right and in front. Take the door on the right, this is the room with the switch that unlocks the previously mentioned door on the "left". In this room look at the ceiling, jump, and dislodge (use-key) the grate from the ceiling. Yields 2 x Refined Hubbardium + 50 Health.
  • Now taking the unlocked "left" door, go straight, past the doors into a room with more air duct holes in the ceiling. I tried moving the crates near the rolling stretcher, trying to jump up into one of those ceiling ducts. Alas no luck. Some passage system could be up there though?
  • Towards the end of the level past the basketball court, you will also pass the arms depot again. Use the Recon to unlock the door, again move the crates from the wall grate and enter the air duct. This time the pipe (red light) blocking the duct is gone. Continue on this path to find the secret arms depot room, as seen on the monitor at the beginning of the level. Yields Flamethrower + Health Station + 2 x Refined Hubbardium + a lot of Ammo.

Level 08 — Asteroid Surface
  • Nothing of note, alas.

Level 09 — The Mine
  • Interestingly, to avoid some of the fighting you can slide down the angled rock wall created by the drill machine, avoiding the stairs and marines. Do this twice.
  • In the room, before the last level is loaded, a massively stocked arms depot, you can pick up the portable generator, and use it as a foot stool to reach the ammo on the upper shelves.

Level 10 — Final Fight
  • Killing the Beast: Turn on the three consoles along the rock walls, fire on the beast (rockets or sniper headshots work well) until it finally walks into the central area trying to regenerate, then hit the switch on the final 4th console and fry it.

It would obviously be interesting to hear of other tips or things I missed.

Hope that helps.


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I'd suggest sticky'ing this thread.

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