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Yes, you SHOULD buy this game!

Its so addictive I bought it 8 hours ago and haven't stopped playing it the puzzles are fun, the battles are cool and the story is funny in a r-ded way :P

Oh, and the graphics are very nice too. The whole games very polished considering its price

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Its worth 1 EUR. Thats for sure.
If you liked Puzzle Quest you should get if at that price.
Its not as good as PQ, but its a bit more advanced in some ways.

Decent graphics (Its better than pics presive, I think).
Similar, but difirent combat system.
Level up your heros, get items, travel where you want, fight bosses.
Fight armies, do combo hits, symbolic, but decent attack animations.
Decent story. (Its not Lord of the Rings or Shakespear though.)

Combat is a little slower.
Combat is a little harder compared to PQ.
Story is run of the mill fantasy.
For casual gamers you might think its not casual enough when you have to think a bit more than just the battle your in. (Not TotalWar think ahead though...)
If you are expecting Gyromancer, PQ like spell effects etc they are not that advanced or flashy looking.

In short, if you liked PQ. Get it. There is a higher risk you like it and if you dont. You are only down 1 EUR ffs...
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Very addictive game. I played this game more then any that I bought during this sale.
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Yeah, for one dollar i felt it was an extremely good deal.
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