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Lego Indiana Jones

I was browsing the Steam Store, and LEGO Indie caught my eye. And I saw both 1 and 2 available. But I'm watching the trailer for 2, and I see it covers all 4 movies. So if 2 covers all 4 movies, is it worth it to get 1 AND 2?
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lego indy 1 and 2 are completely different games.

all "old" movies from indy 1 have been re-done in a completely different mode in lego indy 2.

so... they're really nothing alike. sorry that won't help you...
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Actually, that did help me.

I was asking if it was worth it to get both, since 2 covers all of 1's movies. And you answered that, even though they are the same movies, it is worth it to get both

Thank you. +rep'd
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