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Red face Stuck on loading screen

Hi there, just wondering if anyone can help me, I just bought this game last night after my brother recommending it.
I tried to run it this morning after it finished downloading and once DX and physx etc finished installing the splash screen came up then the full screen loading screen came up where it says "loading" in the bottom right corner, next to that there was 2 little icons which i imagine should be spinning around however they don't and it just sits like this for 5 mins or so before my computer restarts itself.

I've tried alt F4, alt tab, ctrl alt delete, the windows key... but nothing can get me away from this screen without restarting the computer...

I've also tried running in several differant compatability modes but no change.

no error messages, nothing just a frozen loading screen.

any idea whats happening? I heard about a few 64 bit incompatabilities, but nothing like this.

pc specs : Windows XP 64, Intel Core 2 Duo 3.33Ghz (not OC'd), GeForce GTX 295 (257.15 drivers).

if the problem is just simply my 64 bit OS then i'm going to demand a refund, the game specs don't mention anything about incompatibilites.

Thanks for any help, i really want to play this game.
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Ok just fixed this myself, I set the game to only use 1 half of my GTX 295, (its 2 x physical cards) and it just magically worked

I'm happy now yay
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