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COH/COV reinstalled

You know the games still pretty active .. I was very surprised about this. I honestly to my very core hate NC support. I really do. It wont stop me from having fun in a game that IS fun though.

Now I quit playing this in 2006. I came back and there are 2 new arch types that branch off into two specialties ... With this pre order going out ..You get early access to two new archtypes from that pack also.

The changes (more like additions) to the game are pretty good. If it had only launched in this state, I think it would be even more popular than before. But anyway that is not my point, I just wanted to tell folks that if you did like COH COV for a bit but got bored. Returning is not a bad option if you are twiddling your thumbs for the next MMO like many gamers out there.

Just for the curious the new arch types:
Arachnos Soldier
Arachnos Widow

Good side No clue I have not had time to try blue sides new classes either...having too much fun with Red(evil).

The pre-purchase expansion class unlocks are:

Master Mind: Demon Summoner which I found pretty cool but I have not rolled one yet. I already have a high level robotics...soo ill wait.

Corrupter: The Dual Pistol weilding type now.

Now as for good side I don't know squat about it really. I had COV back in the day. I don't play heroes really but if someone wants to chime in on details please do.

I encourage those out there who did like coh for a short time to reload at least and check out things. It's pretty fun still and the changes makes it better.

My only big gripe is this:
Booster packs..very nice...added powers...new costume sets... Should have been Free Content honestly but ...this is NC we are talking about.
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