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Post Guide: Hosting Your Own Server

Hi all, this is a guide made by one of our developers for how to set up your own server to play Iron Grip: Warlord with friends--or complete strangers


latest dedicated Server files:
For 1.13: http://igwarlord.s3.amazonaws.com/IG...staller113.exe
For 1.14: http://igwarlord.s3.amazonaws.com/ig...server_114.zip

There are two basic types of internet server:

Listen server, these are the internet servers created using the ingame Create game -> Internet menu. These run both the server and your client game on the same machine. This works well for 2-4 people games max and requires a decent internet connection to play.

Dedicated Server, these are standalone servers that people connect to. You cannot play a game on the same machine as a dedicated server. Dedicated servers provide the best performance and can easily support more players (depending on the internet connection running).

Listen Server

To start a listen server simply start the game and go to the create game menu -> internet tab. If you don't have a fire wall / router setup this will be sufficient enough for your friends etc to connect, and should show up on the master server within a few minutes.

If your listen server does not show up for your friends under their Multiplayer->Internet tab then ask them to connect directly using your IP (this can be found easily at (www.whatismyip.com).

To connect directly bring down your console (usually using the key just above tab, "~") and type connect <the server ip>

If this fails or you are using a router please see the "Network Issues" section below.

Dedicated server

To run a dedicated server you first need to get the standalone dedicated server package for Iron Grip : Warlord. Once this has been downloaded and extracted you will need to create a shortcut, command line or batch file that runs the igwarlord.exe. To the shortcut you can append the following commands/switches

+map mapname

Most of the main commands however are found and executed in the base/server.cfg file, this can be modified with notepad to change a whole bunch of settings including:

sv_hostname : This is the name of your server as it appears in client browsers
net_port: sets your servers port , see "Network issues" for its possible uses
sv_humanClients: max amount of players
sv_difficulty: This is the servers difficulty 0 = easy 1 = medium and 2 = hard, 3 = brute, 4 = god
sv_diffmulti: Toggle this to turn the difficulty multiplier on or off.
g_friendlyfire: Switches friendly fire on or off so you can hurt your team mates

Network Issues/Setup

One of the biggest issues with hosting either type of Iron Grip: Warlord server is when you are trying to host an internet game through a router/NAT.

The first port of call to fix this is to forward the correct port, the port you need to forward is the one defined by net_port (default 5961 for dedicated or 27960 for listen). It is best however to forward a range from your set port, e.g. 5961-5971 (it's up to you to figure out your own router and how it works, look for NAT and or virtual server or consult the internet on forwarding ports for your router). However, if you are not running a client, opening the default ports of 27950 to 27970 will make things more easily compatibility with 3rd party programs like QTracker.

If you're creating a listen server it might be best to set your net_port to 5961 or something other than the default especially if you plan to have lan players (we have had some internal issues with this and found best to set your port to something different if you have problems).

To set your port for a listen server you will need to run the game with the switch +set net_port <portnumber> you will need to add this at the end of a shortcut/batchfile/launchcommands as this needs to be set before the game is launched.

Other Issues

If you have any other issues with setting up servers or connecting to them feel free to create a new topic and we will be happy to look into the issue or help get you up and running.

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You should also cover the DS provided in the Steam tools section, not only the standalone download.
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Not sure if youve noticed, but in the the OP it states the default port is 27690 ("default 5961 for dedicated or 27690 for listen")...its actually 27960, I forwarded 27690 and spent another hour trying to figure out why the connection wasnt being made :/
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Thanks for that, edited!
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