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Question Saves in Multiplayer

Can some one give answer:
how make Save in Multi-player?
3 ppl playing 5 hours and want to make a rest? but we wanna continue our game in next day. Can we make Save and in next day Download it like a new map (start options blocked)?For example: Ppl Search game on TCP/IP but when we all push start we go not on new map, we go to our map from previous day?
Sry for My English=(

On Russian:
более доступно: Есть ли возможность сохранить многопользовательскую игру? Чтобы на следующий день как бы заново создать игру но при конекте к ней игра бы начиналась не с новой чистой карты, а с того момента где мы вчера сохранились, с постройками войсками открытиями и так далее. Есть ли такая возможность?
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I don't think it's possible in many multiplayer RTS games. To be honest, I've never seen an RTS where it was possible.

What if on the next day one of you can't play? And where would all information about gained units and buildings be stored, as well as info on their location on the map, the amounts of used resources etc?

I think you can pause the game for some time in MP mode but that's it.
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Unbelievable but in this old game it POSSIBLE! I find it yesterday after my post, may be for some ppl it will be interesting:
Start create new multi-player game, and when you must choose some map-options look at right corner of the screen=) Choose save game what you need, w8 opponents, set computers and go play on your last saved map!

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