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Cool AwEsOmE?!?

First of all I have to give all the possible props to Josh for the amazing soundtrack. I kill my self 3 times and just let the song play while I surf the net :P
It would be awesome if you would make it possible to download or unlock as an mp3 file through some challenge etc.

I mainly bought this game cuz I love the song in the trailer and was so happy when it was the soundtrack.

After about 20 mins of playing, my only problem was that after shooting a purple block, the pieces are barely visible in the middle of all the mayhem, so I ended up losing all my lives on those. Could you consider making them solid purple like the original block, or just somehow more visible?

BTW I also had crash problems before and after replacing the .exe with the patch. [Only played in 1920x1200 tho]
Unchecking full-screen option solved the problem for me.

Looking forward to upcoming updates like online leader board D

Sry for writing a novel -.-'
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