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How do you make money

The problem I have is by the 5th or 6th turn I am usually broke even with Tobin tax if i can survive long enough to get to market AI i am usually fine but I normally lose before then any pointers.
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Your income is determined as a percentage of the GDPs of all the regions you're not banned in (you don't have to have an agent there, though).

Each region's income is subject to deductions, called Burden; this is the monies they need to pay for things like disaster recovery, and supporting the sick and unemployed of their region. So, mitigating and resolving a region's problems means they can commit more money to helping you.

China, Europe and the US all start with very high GDPs, so are extremely important to hold onto.

Other regions vary in size and potential, but a few basic rules hold true.

First, make sure the region is as healthy and well-defended as possible. All the disasters hurt you in unpleasant ways if you don't take steps to mitigate them. Not only does this diminish Burden, it also increases workers and yield in your economy, so it's a double-win.

As well as minimising Burden, you can also try to increase a region's Infrastructure (indicated by the Mechanisation Index number on the stat screen), which greatly magnifies its productivity. This increases naturally providing things are going well (i.e. no oil crashes occur), and can also be supplemented with the Investment Incentives card.

Finally, if you sign rich regions up to a Cap and Trade scheme, then you can get a very powerful investment effect into any poor regions by playing the same card there.
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