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Do like it......
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Liking it also. Canīt remember when was the last time a game gets your imagination running this wild. Path doesnīt give much in a way of normal games, but every time I close it my mind starts thinking what I just saw. Forest is filled with odd little things that seem to be part of a bigger picture. Itīs seems that it ainīt your normal Little Red Ridinghood story, but a story that is masked as one. For some reason Iīm totally hooked. This game is a really good example.. You donīt need big budget to make a good game. For me, these days every AAA title is missing something and usually itīs the lack of touch towards the player. Those games just rolls on and gives everything away to the player, no imagination needed. When the ending credits roll. Thatīs about it, yeah it was a good game, yeah it had a good story. At least here you think about it afterwards and it seems that YOU make the conclusion. Havenīt read anything about the "whole" of this game, need to experience it by myself.. Now that I know better I feel that I robbed the game makers. The Path + The Void and some others in under 5 euros. It was a bargain...
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Tale of Tales
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Glad to hear you're enjoying our work!

That's exactly what we're trying to do: to stimulate the imagination. Thank you for working with us.
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