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Many of you may not be aware, but there is a semi-official NWN2 chat, run for the community by the community reps.

There are two official channels/rooms:
* #nwn2cr - discussion in here ranges from gameplay, to toolset use, multiplayer, scripting, and pretty much everything in-between.
* #nwn2spoilers - discussion about the Original/Official Campaign, Mask of the Betray, and Storm of Zehir that may contain spoiler content.

You'll usually find between 30-50 people online at any given time.
You can use our browser-based applet to connect you automatically, which can be launched here. Alternatively, you can connect using your preferred IRC program, such as mirc or free x-chat for Windows.   The server can be found at irc.nwn2source.net.

Please keep discussion in the official channels to a "PG" rating. The definition of this can be found here

Edit: Please remember that people in the chat room are in many different time zones - if you have a question and don't get an answer immediately, wait around for a bit or stop back later and you'll probably have better luck.
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Come, join us on IRC we love to talk NWN2, help with any problems etc.
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there its a clicky ;p
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Don't forget, for you IRC enabled chat fans out there:

Here are Simple Instructions for X-Chat Users to get started:
X-Chat first time login to NWN2 IRC Instructions:
1) When you first open X-Chat you should have a screen applet that appears somewhat blank. At the top of the application are your standard application toolbar options:
XChat -- View -- Server -- Settings -- Window -- Help

2) The first time you use XChat or the first time you set up a new IRC server connection, you need to select: XChat.

3) In the XChat window that opens up, you'll see:
User Information
Second Choice
Third Choice
User Name
Real Name

A huge list (ignore it) to the left in a window box and:
+ Add
- Remove

4) Click +Add.
A new choice will pop into the server window that says: New Network.
Name the New Network: NWN2 Chat

5) Now click Edit.
If you clicked Edit with NWN2 Chat highlighted, you should see a window that comes up that at the top says:
XChat: Edit NWN2 Chat

6) There are 3 (three) sections to this box: Servers for NWN2 Chat;
Your Details; and

7) In Servers for NWN2 Chat you will have to click +Add. When you do, you should see a new indicator that says:
Now click Edit without doing anything else.

8) The title newserver/6667 will highlight to allow you to input the important details of the server name and port address. This should be: irc.nwn2source.net/6667 exactly as you see it here.

9) Pretty much leave the rest alone except for down at the Connecting section where you will add, where it says: Favorite Channels, the chat channel: #nwn2cr again exactly as you see it here.

That should get you there once all that's done and you Close that window box.
(taken from my post in this thread: NWN2 IRC Chat (Repost)

best regards,
(Roosting in a Chat Window Near You)

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FYI - this chat room is where many of the developers and builders of on-line worlds and custom content creators hang out daily.

This means its frequently a good source for potential Q&A fixes and suggestions if something with the game just isn't working right (it happens).

A nice place to chat with like minded people as well about the game.
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Decent guys to chat with about almost anything. Quite enjoyable, really.
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The Curt Jester
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This is also a good place to go if you want advice on servers (building one or playing on them). Be sure to check it out. The people are more than helpful here.
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