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Quick Question: Worth Getting?

Simple question: Worth buying? I love RPGs and stuff, and I've heard great things about this.

I missed the sale so I'll have to pay $20. Should I?
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Don Isauro
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ummm... For me, it's a wonderful game and worth 20 bucks... However be aware that it has some bugs and there are a lot of people who could never make the game work. It's not my case. I play it on win7 64bits and have also installed it on win vista and XP, both with no issues.
The choice and consequence implemented in the game is the best part of the game. Depending on the decisions u make through your journey, the store will change. Graphics are still better than a lot of current games and the music is really good.

In other words: it's a wonderful game but it has technical issues and may not run properly on every machine
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Be warned, game is old and if you run vista/7 os you can encounter some problems. My(retail) works perfectly fine , but some people have problems with it on new os.
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the game run flawless for me in my win7/64bit

And yes, it is worth.
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I suggest waiting for another sale, they are bound to give one, the sales go on till jan 2nd, when you buy it on sale you won't regret it if it doesn't work right or you don't like it. If they don't give one by then then go ahead and buy it.
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