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Swarm Arena on Consoles

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Swarm was going to be released on Xbox Live and the PSN. Am I crazy? I can't find it anymore. Can this be confirmed or denied? If it's true, any idea when they'll be coming out?

I imagine it would do well on Xbox Live if it's released there.

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Brian Chase
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Hey man, I saw something very similar to that on some gaming website, it was featured on Steam's news updates about the game section but when I checked it out I found that it was actually talking about some game called Swarm. In an earlier post on the forums the dev talks about why it is impossible to bring the game to consoles so unless something happened you probably just got confused like I did. I'm actually pretty happy about that, every day I see Windows products moving to the 360 or Windows mobile stuff moving to the Android. I say let us have the best game ever.
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You're definitely right. Under Swarm news on Steam, they talk about a game called 'Swarm' coming to consoles, but it's a totally different game!

Pretty unreliable news, especially coming from Steam...

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Thats a shame that they arent refering to this game. I think this would sell better on the consoles. I personally have friends that would really enjoy this game but dont have any interest in PC's.

If you had a 2 vs 2 mode and 4 player free for all on consoles and via network, it could be quite the party game. its fast, tactical action that requires a lot of skill to master. And the ladder feature is great. even the 2 v 2 ladder could be implemented.

I know that some people would hate this, but having a setting or mode to have some 2 player combo's against the other team or some silly power ups that are funny to catch your friends out with could make the difference on the consol market.

I would rather sit in front of a large tv with my friends in the living room, than 4 people crammed around a computer screen. its just not the same.

Its a great game as it stands. Keep up the good work!
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